Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rainy Day on the Corner of Jackson & Grant: China Town, San Fransico

   This by far took the longest of any painting I have done.
 It was like a puzzle, every day I put it together piece by piece. 
I was afraid to do the Chinese lettering because I know how easy it 
Is to make a mistake and then who knows what you just wrote in Chinese? 
My fear is grounded on reality. Many years ago we had some Spanish 
speaking employees for our business  I had a little hand book  on learning Spanish and was trying
 to learn a phrase or two. They put up with me . 
I could say "¿Dónde está Philluip ? ( Where is Phillip?) and they 
would point me in the right direction.  Then one morning I was on my way to work 
and I hit a cat that ran in front of my car. and I wanted to tell them.
 I thought I remembered what the word" dead" sounded like, 
and everybody knows cat is gato so I went into work
 and said " El gato es una mierda." Then I made little hand motions 
and charade signals to relay the story of the cat.
They nodded solemnly. I figured they were feeling pretty bad for that cat.
 Later that week I was with a group of friends
one of whom could speak fluent Spanish, so I told him what I said to the
workers about the cat. He laughed until he cried. I was puzzled-"
What?"I asked," What?" He said between gasp of breath..
"Tammy, you were so close,but you said "the cat is shit." 
 If you wanted to say the cat is dead you
should have said...El gato está muerto. 
El gato está muerto - El gato es una mierda." ..
.. it sounded the same to me. And so it is true, close doesn't count
except in horseshoes and hand grenades.

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