Thursday, November 7, 2013

What God Told Her, Saint Catherine Of Siena

I painted this large painting 4 ft x 8 ft in 2001 and called it " What God Told Her."  I adapted it from a photo I ran across of  a marble carving in the year 1386  on the tomb of  Giovanni da Legnano  in San Domenico, Bologna, Italy. The tomb of course had no color and I really wanted to bring this little nun back to life.
I prayed over this painting and reflected on my life as I painted it. I made sure to paint that ribbon in her book scarlet red, to me the book represents the bible, the column represents the church, the gold rings the Trinity, the wooden floor earth and the rays spiritual understanding. After it was finished it hung in my studio a while and later  I rolled it up and tucked it in a closet. 12 years later I rolled it out when my kids were over visiting and told them, she needs to be in a Catholic Church or school somewhere. However, I did not know any Catholics personally !
So a few weeks later, out of the blue a Catholic lady I did not know called me for a commission. We became friends and talked often. I still forgot about the nun in the closet and then one day this lady mentioned her husband was the principal at the Saint Catherine of Siena school,.. I mentioned the nun and as it turns out she will be hung at the Saint Catherine of Siena school. .. here is the catch, in 2001 I did not know that this little nun WAS Saint Catherine of Siena.....
but after many hours research of the tomb we found out that  she is.
                                                            I guess it was time for her to go home.
                                                                             I'm going to miss her. 
                                                                     The providence of God is amazing.

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