Monday, July 22, 2013

Learning the Ropes

This painting is of two young boys out at sunset pulling in a lobster trap in Maine. I visited Maine earlier in the year and took many photos to paint.. yet I was disappointed that  in spite of running up and down the coast I did not see any lobster boats with men actually fishing. Later I was told it was not the season. I came back to North Carolina and when looking for something else I found  this image on a web site.  I could not resist so I found the number of who I thought  it belonged to, took a  chance, and called to ask permission to paint it. To me  this whole painting symbolizes the wonderful people I met in Maine. It is a testimony of good will and trust among strangers. I explained to the man who answered the phone who I was and what I wanted and this kind man  said "Sure, we would be delighted for you to paint it!"

It made my day. I am going to paint it several more times, changing, tweaking, and  playing with the light and the water reflections. For sure it is my all time favorite.

Soon I will pack my camera and be will be headed back to Maine to see my son. I can not wait to get some more pictures of this beautiful area.

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