Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

I have always loved this song. Van Gogh's life story and beautiful colors reminded me today to be nonjudgmental and enjoy the differences we have that make each one of us unique.When I was taking my Clinical Pastoral Education work at Duke University Hospital part of  the Chaplaincy training was in being reminded to seek out and listen to a patients life story, each person has a string of events that they have lived through that becomes a part of them.

I discovered the same thread when working with troubled teens. Many times they get hung on a certain narrative of what they feel life is supposed to look like.  When you put a canvas in front of a troubled teen they see one blank canvas and think of all the
 complicated steps to make one painting. They are afraid to make a mistake. When you tell them to just paint one block of shape at a time and that  they can paint the canvas back to white and start over if they do not like it - then they begin to relax and create something they can enjoy. Life is like that, one step at  a time and lots of forgiveness to cover up the mistakes. 

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