Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shadows of Turning

 Over Thanksgiving my husband and I went out of town to visit old friends. We began our journey home  around sunset and took the scenic route. On a back road I saw this church with a tree shadow on the side that was stunning. So I hollered "Stop and let me get a picture!" My husband who years ago would have kept driving did stop and I hopped out and got a few shots. Tonight, while I painted it I reflected on how it would have only taken a few moments for the sun to have changed positions and I would have missed this wonderful picture. Sometimes change is not so easy.. change seems to take things away, but sometimes it gives us something better. Certainly an example of a change for the better is that now my husband will take back roads and stop to enjoy looking at shadows on churches, I guess after 34 years he is beginning to understand  my relationship with both my art and church! I love churches and all they stand for, but I have always served in church like it was a full time job... lately there has been a change and I sense God teaching me to slow down and enjoy Him in a more prayerful, quiet way. I am enjoying my gift of painting, I am enjoying the solitude and the peace, I am enjoying going to church and listening. Things change... but I am so glad God never does..Every good gift and every perfect gift cometh down from the father of lights, in whom there is no variableness neither shadow of turning. James 1:17

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