Sunday, January 1, 2006

Space Mural for Childs Play Room

This mural was very complicated. It was painted in a very large closte area that the children used as a play area. It had no windows so it was a perfect space to creat a room with black light and glow in the dark effects. There was a large black light installed. The mural was also painted with some features that glowed int the dark.. so when absolutely no light was on in the room the moon and the stars were the only thing you could see and they glowed.

This is the way the room looked when the black light was turned on.

The tow younger brothers were twins and so they are depicted here as space men.

This is the way the rocket ship looked when the kids turned the blacklight on.
This is the way the rocket ship looked in normal light with the black light turned off. The Older brother is depicted here as the driver of the space ship!
Sky Under Normal Light
Sky With Black Light Turned On!

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